Expanding International Knowledge & Understanding

International Education provides system-wide leadership for strategic planning, policy interpretation and coordination of international education initiatives. International Education assists 老澳门开奖结果 campuses with all aspects of campus internationalization, Study Abroad program development and international students and scholar services. The priorities and activities of International Education include:

  • Advocating for international education within the 老澳门开奖结果 system and at the Board of Regents
  • Collecting international education data and sharing recommendations for best practices across the 老澳门开奖结果
  • Providing structure and support for 老澳门开奖结果 international collaborations
  • Providing information and assisting 老澳门开奖结果 schools with state and national funding grants for international initiatives and study abroad
  • Coordination of the System Council on International Education (SCIE), the 老澳门开奖结果鈥檚 international advisory committee, as well as, the Study Abroad and International Student and Scholars sub-committees
  • Administering the 老澳门开奖结果’s J-1 Exchange Visitor program consortium

We strive to ensure that all 老澳门开奖结果 faculty, staff, students and scholars are provided with opportunities to cultivate intercultural competency and perspectives by engaging with people, cultures and languages in order to foster global learning on each campus.